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Former Juneau Home
A very disappointing experience in the last two years. My recommendation is to avoid this place at all costs.

After several years of happy landlord/tenant relations on both sides at this location the new property manager has made continued rental of this space untenable. I recommend that any staffer or legislator talk to me or any recent roomie before they sign on the dotted line. This property manager has openly violated the Alaska Landlord Tenant Act; refused to provide a copy of the lease, delayed fixing dishwasher plumbing leaks for 25+ days, delayed returning our security deposit for over 85 + days, and refused to detail why he believed there was a problem in the first place. He actively refused to communicate nor negotiate by repeatedly hanging up on me. In my opinion refusing to talk is downright childish and unprofessional. Until the Adler's (the owners) replace Daniel Glidmann (the property manager), I will refuse to have anything to do with the place. And I urge you to do similarily.

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Sailing from Seward to Whittier - 2001.
During late summer of 2001 I needed to take Serena from Whittier and return her to Seward for the winter. My nephew, John, and friends Ted and Jim took 5 days to make the trip.

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Anchorage Home
Because my job requires me to live in Juneau for 5 months of the year and Anchorage the remaining 7 months I rent where ever I go. Here are some pictures of the home I lived in during my stay in Anchorage from 1999 through 2002. And I've decided to return to the same spot each summer from 2005 through the present.

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Images of the Northern Lights that I collected from the web as inspiration for a print project. Most of these came from and are copyrighted for commercial use.

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Bahamas 2007
I was invited in October by one of my good buddies to help learn the ropes of his new 43 foot cruising catamaran based in the Exumas, Bahamas. Indepencia is a fine craft and well suited to the area. We had an awesome time!

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