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Spring 2005 'butt Fishin'
Here are some quick snaps I took while on a couple of 'butt charters out of Seward this spring.

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Sparrow Project: the "during" pictures
Work is progressing on Sparrow. These pictures document some of the ongoing projects and pain inflicted. There has been lots of grinding and cutting of fiberglass. Fiberglass dust is a very nasty substance! I'm still scratching and iching ...

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Third Annual Grinch Party
My friends, Robie and Jennifer, throw a great secret santa themed christmas party every year. I made the first one, missed the second, and have now attended the third. Here are some random shots from this year's event.

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Pictures taken when I had Serena hauled out for her purchase survey.

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Broken Parts
Broken stuff I need to send pictures of to potential vendors.

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