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I can’t do this alone. All help is Welcome!

Donate On-Line to Charisse’s campaign.

On-line Donation Link

You may Mail a Check to Charisse’s campaign at:

Charisse Millett for State House
PO Box 230853
Anchorage, AK 99523

If you mail the campaign a check or make an online donation please follow up with a quick note listing your name, address, contacts, occupation, and employer. You may do so using the e-mail address charissemillett @ or by using the form below

 Addtionally, let me know if you wish to:

  • Put up a yard sign
  • Endorse me in an advertisement
  • Participate in door to door literature distribution
  • Host a neighborhood gathering
  • Donate funds to my campaign
  • Or just want to send me a message
  • I appreciate all you help.

Don’t forget! If you donate, Alaska state campaign law requires you to provide your name, occupation, employer, and a way to contact you to confirm these details.

Public Disclosure Requirements and Donation Time Limits: All alaskan candidates for office are required to report the name and address of ALL contributors. In addition, for contributions in excess of $50, candidates must disclose the occupation and employer of the contributor. Please include that information with any donation.

If you have questions about who can donate and what limits are involved you can find that information on the Alaska Public Offices Commission website.