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Earlier this year in June Governor Sean Parnell signed my House Bill 116 into law.

The bill allows retired military personnel who later went on to pursue a career in public safety to opt for a buy back plan that would let individuals retire five years early.

The bill recognizes service men and women hard word but is also a recruiting tool for future firefighters or peace officers. you may find my sponsor statement describing the measure here.






Putting up campaign signs. Thank you to all my supporters.



I want to get to know you, and I want you to know more about me, so I can continue to earn you support this election. This will be a series of homemade videos so I can share my accomplishments and address issues you bring me at the door! I appreciate your feedback and look forward to more. Some of the best ideas I have received from you, my neighbors, have been the best legislation I have introduced!



This video is an explanation of why I missed the first 10 days of session! Feeling well now and out going door to door!



In 2011 I was invited by US Senate full Energy committee to testify on legacy wells in Arctic.

The last time a legislator was asked to testify was in the early 90’s. It was an honor and ultimately Alaska received 51 million in remediation for wells drilled and abandoned by federal government between 1944-1982.



2009 Luncheon for RDC on my testimony in front of Sec. Salazar – I was asked by house leadership and my peers to testify on behalf of the House of Representatives. OCS development is an important issue for Alaska for energy, jobs, economy and having the most responsible and environmentally safe development.